PREP Resources

Resources for Teaching the Religion Curriculum for 2020

1) Web resources for Teachers, Students and Families(COMPLIMENTS OF SADLIER)

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2) Web resources for Teachers, Students and Families

                 You may use the limited free access to these sites throughout the year.

3)               (Resource)
Assists you in prayers, virtues, etc.

4)                              (Parish)
Contains information about PREP and the parish

5)                             (Archdiocese of Philadelphia)
Complete Curriculum and Scope and Sequence charts for all grades

6)                   (Catholic Faith)
Explains and discusses the tenets of our Catholic Faith

7)              (Catholic Prayers)
Compilation of all Catholic prayers, novenas

8)                                (Catholic Bishops)
Extensive catechesis on topics pertaining to our Catholic Faith. This includes but is not limited to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the complete Bible, the Mass, Prayers, Liturgical feasts, Sacraments, Readings of the Day, Saints, etc.  This is a “go-to’ site for any person wanting to learn the tenets of the Catholic Faith.