Jesse Tree Program 2015

The-Jesse-Tree-eBook-11As Advent approaches, we are reminded of the journey of the three wise men to deliver gifts to the Christ child. Through our Jesse Tree Program, you too can provide a gift to a child in need.

Angel tags have been hung with information about and the gift wishes of children, Please consider taking one or more angel tags and purchasing the gift wish on the tag. RETURN YOUR WRAPPED GIFT (WITH THE ANGEL TAG ATTACHED) TO THE CHURCH VESTIBULE BY 1 PM SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13TH. It is very important that gifts be returned on time because we deliver gifts to the agencies on Monday, December 14th and some of our agencies distribute the gifts to their families in early December. If you remove a tag and then find you can no longer purchase a gift by December 13th, please return the tag to the tree so that another family may fill the wish. In some cases, this gift may be the only gift that the child receives this Christmas. We encourage the use of gift bags vs. wrapping paper, where possible. This makes it easier to confirm that the gift matches what is on the wish list and enables the parents a “sneak peak”.

You will notice some gift wishes are for gift cards rather than a specific gift. While not as fun to shop for, gift cards promote the dignity of and pass the joy on to the parents by allowing them to select the gift themselves. Gift cards enable parents to purchase a special gift that may cost a bit more or to purchase necessities that food stamps may not cover. An older child, who makes very few personal purchases, may find a gift card especially empowering because they can select their own item that makes them feel as if they look like and fit in with their peers.

If a gift card is not part of another gift, please seal the envelope, attach the angel tag, and place it inside the box in the vestibule marked Jesse Tree. If you are unable to shop for a gift but would still like to participate, you can make a cash or gift card donation to the program. Please put your contribution in a sealed envelope labeled “Jesse Tree General Use” and place it inside the box in the vestibule marked Jesse Tree. jesse_tree_lg

Thank you for helping to bring the wonder and magic of Christmas into the life of a local child in need. You may be only one person in this world, but at the moment that child opens your gift, you are the world! Contact Pamela Webb at 215-295-1171 for more information.