February 18, 2018

Ms. Ann Damron is the catalyst behind the challenge for each student to know the prayers that are assigned to them in the third grade curriculum. I am proud to announce that ALL the students rose to the challenge and have been working to master their prayers. They now have the tools, thanks to Ms. Damron, to communicate more fully with their Creator.

Thanks so much Ms. Damron. Didn’t I assure you how much you would love working with the PREP program when I approached you and confidently told you that you were the right fit for the third grade? Ms. Damron adds this volunteer activity to the many she participates in throughout the parish community.

Ms. Damron encourages the students to actively participate in class and have fun while doing so. She continues reminding the students the importance of the Eucharist in their lives. Her hope is that they will leave third grade with a “better understanding of their religion as well as an excitement for what they have just learned.” She would like them to define the importance of religion in their own lives and not just what is written in the textbooks. And finally, her prayer is that they “will learn to seek God in all things.” This year as she did last year, her class will be instrumental in joining the other third grade PREP classes in preparing a prayer service on the STATIONS OF THE CROSS.

This is Ms. Damron’s third year as a PREP teacher and it has been yet another successful year. As the months go by, only more good things will happen as the year progresses. Thank you again, Ms. Damron, for your dedication, your preparation, and your own personal witness to your faith. And special thanks for loving the little ones as much as you do!

All of this is accomplished with the assistance of Mrs. Lynda Caldwell who works side by side with Ms. Damron to ensure that the children in the class get individual assistance. Mrs. Caldwell’s enthusiasm and willingness to bring fun to the table makes this third grade class ever so special. Great job, Mrs. Caldwell!

Barbara Ann Nuzzolo

Director of Religious Education