November 12, 2017

Mr. Vince Bodnar shares his love for the Catholic Faith with the 13 students in the Middle School Program on Sunday mornings from 10:00 to 11:15 am. He does so in a gentle and welcoming manner and provides each student a safe place to learn and discuss the tenets of the Catholic Faith. Our 7th, 8th, and 9th graders really enjoy coming to class and they are willing participants. They set the standards high for all the other students that are their age! There was much enthusiasm for this program and the students who attend are learning and becoming stronger witnesses of their faith. Our goal is to double the number of students even now. You can join us whenever you wish. Come and see what this class is all about. This year is a flexible year where weekly attendance, though encouraged, is not a requisite for participating in the class. The purpose of this class is to connect the students with a leader who is able to lead discussion from the material found in the Bible. What an awesome realization the students make when they discover that their faith is an integral part of their everyday life!

So much dedication and love for his faith is evidenced weekly as Mr. Bodnar prepares for the seventh, eighth and ninth graders each Sunday morning. This is the seventh year that Mr. Bodnar has held this class starting with only three students. Mr. Bodnar resides with his wife and children as parishioners of St. John’s and is the coordinator of the ministry of “Men’s Faith Share.”

Centered on discussion so that each student” makes the Catholic Faith their own,” Mr. Bodnar delves into points of the doctrine that hold the interest of the students in a non-threatening peer setting. The springboard for his discussion comes from selections of the Bible. He wants all his students “to take ownership of their faith and keep it through young adulthood.” This is a daunting task that is made easier under his guidance. There are resource materials that are used on this grade level to help guide the students with their faith journey. The Dunkin Donut lattes and beverages that Mr. Bodnar treats the students to weekly make the class a little sweeter than it would ordinarily be.

All parents are encouraged to register their seventh or eighth or ninth grade child for this program. And as was said at the start of this article, it is never too late to register. Ceasing to learn about the Catholic faith in sixth grade hampers the full understanding of the many tenets of faith that are part of an individual’s faith journey.

Barbara Ann Nuzzolo

Director of Religious Education