November 2014 – Created For Joy


In order to help us prepare for the World Meeting of Families and the anticipated visit from Pope Francis, a catechism on family life entitled Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive has been prepared. Each month for the next ten months, our parish will reflect on one chapter from this catechism. You can order a copy of this beautifully illustrated catechism and learn about the World Meeting of Families at

November 2014: Chapter 1: Created For Joy

“Love is Our Mission” because love is our origin and destiny. Created in the image of God, a human being is created for communion, which means that loving God and neighbor is the reason for our existence. Catholics believe these things because of Jesus, our bedrock and cornerstone. Jesus suffered and yet persevered in love; he was crucified and yet rose again. In Jesus, we believe that the Creator of the universe became one of us, revealing not only who God is, but also who we are created to be and become. In a world of anxiety and doubt, Jesus is trustworthy. When we follow Jesus, body and soul, even when it hurts and requires sacrifice, we are living lives of integrity, for only in living this way will our lives coincide with the reason for our existence. This brings us great joy. We sin and stumble, but the God we meet in Christ is faithful even when we are not. God’s forgiveness is a gift that gives us back to ourselves, enabling us to embrace our mission and destiny anew. Catholic sacraments and moral teachings serve this destiny. The sacraments are a genuine encounter with Christ, while the moral teachings show what Christ-like love looks like in particular situations. Catholic life summons us to heroism and adventure even in ordinary daily life. The world is charged with the beauty and grace of God, and neighbors who need our love and kindness are all around us. 

Dr. Christopher C. Roberts, editor, Love is Our Mission Preparatory Catechism

Did you know?  The World Meeting of Families event was established by Pope St. John Paul II in 1994. It is held every three years in cities across the world. 2015 is the first time it will be in the United States. Its goals are (1) to strengthen family bonds and (2) to give witness to the fundamental role of the family in society. Learn more at