Parish Advancement Committee (PAC)

The Parish Advancement Committee (PAC) offers collaborative leadership and advice to the Pastor concerning the spiritual, social, and, in assistance to the Finance Committee, the financial welfare and growth of the parish.  Members offer their time and talents to study Church issues and trends to provide vision and direction to the Parish.  The Council fosters full participation of the entire Parish: clergy, religious and laity.  Through a consensus process, in an atmosphere of prayerful reflection, the Council makes recommendations to the Pastor on significant issues concerning the Parish.  The PAC should represent the entire Parish and be willing to communicate its needs, concerns, gifts and resources.  Members must be registered parishioners at least 18 years of age.  The PAC has been active in all areas of Parish Life and has as its mission the goal to foster all activities to enhance spiritual, social and (again, in assistance to the Finance Committee) financial development of the parish.  The PAC meets monthly, about eight times each year as determined by the Pastor.

Contact: Msgr. Prior
Phone 215-295-4102 /