Adoration Society

Adoration is in response to the message from Pope John Paul II calling for increase in adoration to the Blessed Sacrament in the Catholic Church.  It is a sacrament of love when we “Come and Adore Him”.  All are welcome to participate. Adoration is held every Tuesday after the morning Mass until 6:50 PM at which time the Blessed Sacrament is reposed in the Chapel. Volunteers donate ½ hour to 1 hour of their time to sit in adoration in the Chapel. Contact – Maria DeDonato, 215-321-9502

Adult Education

The Adult Education Committee presents in-parish seminars, courses and speakers that will clarify the teachings of the Catholic Church and inspire all who participate to greater holiness through better understanding of the Truth. The Committee also publishes an online journal, The SJE EAGLE, which features videos, an audio podcast and articles about faith, liturgy and the sacraments by the Holy Father, our Cardinal Archbishop, our Monsignor, and guest authors from the priesthood and laity.


Aid for Friends

Aid for Friends (AFF) provides free home cooked meals to the disabled, isolated homebound and elderly.  AFF is located in Northeast Philadelphia and provides meals to over 2,000 shut-ins throughout the five county area.    To assist in this effort meals are prepared in the Parish kitchen by volunteers.  Individual parishioners also make trays at home and deliver them to the freezer in the Church Children’s Mass Room.  Empty trays with instructions are available in the Children’s Mass Room.  Visitors bring the meals to their client/friends and visit for approximately one hour each week.  These visits frequently develop into lasting friendships. Contact – Mary Africa 215-428-9581.

Archdiocesan Community Food Drive

Non-perishable food is collected at all Masses on the 3rd Sunday of the month for those temporarily in need because of an emergency hardship such as a layoff, accident or house fire.  It is picked up on Monday and taken to a local food pantry.  There volunteers from various local churches sort, shelve and then distribute the food to those individuals or families that are in need.  The recipients are helped until other longer-term assistance becomes available. Contact Cathy & Joe Mclean at 215-736-1549.

Bereavement Ministry

The Bereavement Ministry comforts parish family members who have lost a loved one.  We offer help in planning the funeral liturgy along with one on one support for the bereaved.  Immediately after a death, a member of this group contacts the family to offer condolences and extend help in planning the liturgy.  Ten days after the funeral we contact the family again to see how they are doing and, again, offer support and assistance as needed.  We refer family members to other support groups.  Training and materials are provided to help them bring comfort and help to the newly bereaved. Contact Pat McGrath at 215-493-3569.

Blessed Counters

The Blessed Counters are a group of individuals who meet on Monday morning to assist in the counting of the collection money from the previous weekend.

CYO Athletics

The CYO Athletics oversees the athletic teams representing St. John the Evangelist and insures that all Archdiocesan guidelines are followed.

Leadership and life skills:

1. To operate within the rules of competition;

2. To accept with respect the authority of coaches and officials;

3. Exhibit Christian characteristics by dealing graciously in both victory and defeat.

Service Projects:

1. Basketball – Annual Jimmy V Event – raise awareness and funds for cancer research;

2. Basketball –  Region 19 sponsored event – Miraculous Feet Project to raise awareness and new shoes/socks for people who do not own shoes;

The sports that St. John the Evangelist offers includes soccer, basketball, and track.  Teams compete on the Regional, Parish and intramural level.  Coaches and their assistants are to be mature, Christian adults.  Coaches must be accredited within one year of beginning coaching through the Archdiocesan CYO Coaches Accreditation Program. Contact: Steve Bontemp –  215-428-2880

Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout movement’s purpose is to inspire girls with the highest ideals of character, conduct, patriotism and service so that they may become happy, resourceful citizens.  The Girl Scout Program is centered on our promise of God, Country and Community.  The program is designed to develop a girl’s individual potential, help her understand and relate to others, foster values to guide her throughout life and help her develop a concern for society.  Our Girl Scouts earn badges from the Five Worlds of Interest: physical & emotional health; cultural awareness; technology; arts; and outdoors.  In addition to our meetings our girls work on service projects; go on day trips and weekend camping trips.  This structure provides a framework for ensuring balance among activities and helps keep the girls interested. Contact: Bridget Melanson 215-321-1561

High School CYO

The High School CYO offers a wide variety of activities throughout the year.  Our events offer the teen the opportunity to discuss topics of interest with the emphasis on WWJD (what would Jesus do).  Numerous activities are offered.  These include: high school retreat team, bible study nights, pizza nights, service projects and various holiday parties. The highlight of our year is our annual trip to the Franciscan University of Steubenville Youth Conference with neighboring St. Ignatius Parish, which includes a trip to a popular amusement park each summer.

Membership: Grades 9-12.  All parish teens are invited to register, regardless of where they go to school.  Registration packets are located in the bins in the Church. Contact: 215-295-4102

Home & School Association

The Home and School Association (HSA) is a group of enthusiastic parents who help enrich the lives of our children. All parents of students attending St. John’s Parish school are members of the HSA.

In lieu of family fundraising, each family is assessed an annual enrichment fee that is invoiced with school tuition.   This fee helps provide various activities during the school year including field trips, school assemblies, teacher start up costs, etc.

Parents are the primary educators of their children.  Studies have shown that when parents become involved in their children’s lives, the children do better in school. We encourage you to become directly involved with your child’s educational experience.  Contact Amanda Conmy – 215-736-8468.

Hospitality Bakery Basket

Coffee and pastries play an important part in building a warm community spirit at St. John the Evangelist.  This ministry serves coffee and pastries after the 9:30 and 11:30 Masses on the first Sunday of every month in the Rectory Lounge.  This is another way to welcome new parishioner and share fellowship among current parishioners. Contact: Ann Damron – 215-736-3527

Junior CYO

The Junior CYO is guided by 3 goals:

• To help young people to live as disciples of Jesus in our world.

To bring young people to responsible participation in the work of the Catholic faith community.

To foster the personal and spiritual growth of each young person.

Social:  Events such as dances, bowling and a Trenton Thunder baseball game in May of each year enable Jr. CYO members to come together and socialize as a young faith community.

Spiritual: Events such as our annual retreat and our annual Jr. CYO Mass enhance the life of our young people as we endeavor to bring them closer to Jesus and each other.

Service: Our Jr. CYO members experience first hand the needs within our own community and find that they can make a difference by helping.

Membership: All 6th, 7th, and 8th Graders of our parish are invited to join Jr. CYO, regardless of where they go to school.  Registration packets are located in the bins located in the Church. Contact: 215-295-4102

Music Ministry

The Adult and Teen Music Ministry of St. John’s Parish has a three fold mission:  To serve and praise God with our hearts and voices; to provide a loving and supportive environment where we can express our faith through our common love of music; and to encourage the congregation to experience a deeper and more joyful sense of worship through song.  If you are considering joining the choir, please contact the choir director listed on the front page of our Parish Bulletin or simply come to our weekly rehearsal.  We also gather 45 minutes before our scheduled weekend or holiday mass for preparation. We are always looking for instrumental musicians!

Rehearsals: Thursday, 7:30-9:00 PM
Director – Joan Crawford, 215-946-9398.

Faith in Action Caregivers

These caregivers arrange transportation for those individuals not able to get around for such things as appointments, shopping, etc. Contact: Terry DiGiovanna, 215-295-8295 or Ginny McNeil, 215-295-2117

Parish Advancement Committee (PAC)

The Parish Advancement Committee (PAC) offers collaborative leadership and advice to the Pastor concerning the spiritual, social, and, in assistance to the Finance Committee, the financial welfare and growth of the parish.  Members offer their time and talents to study Church issues and trends to provide vision and direction to the Parish.  The Council fosters full participation of the entire Parish: clergy, religious and laity.  Through a consensus process, in an atmosphere of prayerful reflection, the Council makes recommendations to the Pastor on significant issues concerning the Parish.  The PAC should represent the entire Parish and be willing to communicate its needs, concerns, gifts and resources.  Members must be registered parishioners at least 18 years of age.  The PAC has been active in all areas of Parish Life and has as its mission the goal to foster all activities to enhance spiritual, social and (again, in assistance to the Finance Committee) financial development of the parish.  The PAC meets monthly, about eight times each year as determined by the Pastor.

Contact: Msgr. Prior Phone: 215-295-4102 Email: pastor@stjohnpa.org

Social Concerns Activities


St. John’s Fund for Homeless & Needy: Provides financial and/or service assistance to the needy within our Parish & community.

Red Cross Homeless Shelter, Levittown: Coordinates parish volunteers for sponsorship of the Shelter twice a year, one week in the fall and one week in the spring.  Also, sponsor ongoing collection of supplies.

Winter Coat Collection: Coordinates the coat collection and provides funds for the distribution of sandwiches, along with the coats, to the homeless in the inner city.

Speakers: Arranges for educational meetings with speakers to discuss peace & justice issues three times a year

Respect for Life: Coordinates the March on Washington each year and the appeals to Congressmen for votes in favor of pro-life legislation.

Sponsor an apartment for a family in transition from homelessness: In connection with the Bucks County Housing Group, provide household goods and set up for a new family entering the apartment in Morrisville.

Other Activities: Coordinate collection of underwear & other clothing items for Philadelphia Nursing Home; Coordinate the collection of rosaries and other religious articles for the Prison Ministry; Promotes observance of Friday as a special day of prayer for peace with attendance at mass, fasting & abstinence, if possible.

Interfaith Housing Development Corporation of Bucks County: IHDC provides housing for sale or rent to homeless or low income people, and helps them to become self-sufficient.  IHDC is an ecumenical, non-profit corporation whose members come from 29 area Catholic and Protestant churches and a Jewish synagogue.  IHDC rehabs and manages the properties and manages a warehouse to provide free furniture and household goods to formerly homeless clients.  Volunteers 16 and older are needed to rehab houses, manage and develop property, and for outreach, fundraising (annual celebration dinner and advertising book), and finance committees.

Jesse Tree: This program provides Christmas gifts to approximately 550 children from Lower Bucks County and from our sister parish, St. Joan of Arc in Philadelphia. Meets on 2nd Tuesday of month in members’ homes. Contact Diane Coyle 215-493-8472

Knights of Columbus

This organization was founded in 1882 to help Catholic men remain strong in their faith through its fraternal ties; to provide service to others, especially in areas affecting family and education; and to set up an elementary system of insurance for widows and children of members.  Through various fund raisers, moneys are raised to carry on the following activities: Vocations– Council sponsors 2 seminarians in the United States by donating $500 towards their religious education.  Scholarship– Council awards to qualifying children of 3rd degree members multiple $500 scholarships for use at 4-year colleges.  Food Baskets– Council assembles and delivers Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas food baskets and Christmas gifts donated by the parish.  Pro-Life– Council funds the bus to Washington DC each January, the construction and maintenance of our Tomb of the Unborn on the rectory lawn, and the campaigns aimed at Congress to pass pro-life legislation.  Contributions– Council donates to numerous other Catholic and civic groups.    Parish School Graduates– Council donates monetary awards to distinguished graduates.  Membership in the Knights of Columbus is open to practicing Catholic men 18 years of age and older. Contact: Anthony DeCotto – 267-304-2999.