December 10, 2017

Today, we are introducing you to Mrs. Ami Taddei who has been with the PREP program as an aide and now she returned for her fourth year as a teacher for Grade 4 on Sunday mornings. Her family supports her effort to teach the fourth graders while her children, Eryn, Kennan, and Connor attend PREP. The Taddei family is well known in this parish since the time her husband Ken was a student here at St. John the Evangelist School. (And I know fIrst-hand what a good student he was!!)

Mrs. Taddei brings a new perspective to her 11 students when she does Scripture activities that include skits and interactive activities. Her goal is for the students to learn and understand the rules God has given them and to apply the Beatitudes and Ten Commandments to their everyday lives. Mrs. Taddei wants each child to understand that God’s love is endless and that serving Him is an honor. She encourages her students to make life-long friends, and to believe in God’s forgiveness.

The curriculum encompasses many aspects of faith. The students learn how God’s laws guide them and how they are to respond to the call of holiness. They learn that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Light. The Commandments, the Precepts of the Church, the lives of the saints, feast days, devotions, and Catholic practices are all covered. And by the amount of this work it only proves how important parents are as the primary religious educators of their children!

Mrs. Taddei prepares to give the students an overview of all that is in the curriculum and hopes that each one ponders how this ts into their own personal faith journey.

Thank you, Mrs. Taddei for all your dedication to PREP and to our Parish.

Barbara Ann Nuzzolo

Director of Religious Education